Summer beading, had me a blast…

Jul 29, 2010

Posted by: SuperJenn

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This summer, I returned to beading. All things bead-a-licious.
With the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I felt a certain amount of bittersweet regret. Why? Because, I was supposed to go. I felt a certain teariness as I bid my fellow Feltbeats-ers farewell, and bon voyage, and all that good stuff. And, in true crafters’ style, I sent along a pair of earrings for each of my five friends who would be attending. I called them Slytherin’s Tears. And a more ironic name could not have been chosen. Firstly, for one reason or another, allergy, or non-pierced lobes, NONE of the recipients could wear them. That made me tearful. For another reason, I should have been with them, for which I was already tearful. And why did I choose Slytherin, instead of say, Gryffindor? Well, because of Feltbeats love of Tom Felton. I’ll admit it. Me lurves me some Tom Felton.
Back to the crafty part of it. I used Swarovski crystallized elements in green and crystal. With a large crystal bead, I surrounded it with green “tears.” My camera is broken, so I don’t have a picture, but I promise to be submitting this as a craft tutorial so you’ll get to see them soon.
My next goal is to begin similar earrings for each house. But I’m not sure I want to call them Founder’s Tears (where Founder would be from any of the houses). I’ll need to come up with something a little more catchy. What this quick project taught me, is just how easy it is to create Potter-related crafts on a whim. Try it. You’ll see how easy it is too!
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Crafty Witch Jo Anne (a.k.a. JavaStix)

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