What Are You Waiting For?

Sep 20, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Trailers are popping up left, right, and center for part one of Deathly Hallows
Every time
I see one of them it’s all I can do to sit down, I’m so excited. Not only for
the movie, but for the crafting possibilities! Now The Leaky Cauldron has
posted a
news article announcing that the official
trailer will be released online on September 22nd, at 9:00PM EST!!

We all do it. The trailer is released, and we’re staring at
everything, watching for something that we can make. Something that will pull
us ever deeper into the magic that is this wonderful world. If you’re like me
you’ll look, you’ll drool, you’ll plan on finding time to work out a pattern to
make the craft your heart desires the most, and then? Nothing. You’ll think about it. You’ll want
it. You’ll want to make it. Yet, every time, something stops you. Something tickles
at the edge of your mind taunting you with the idea that someone else will come
out with the pattern before you can figure it out…and that they’ll probably
do a better job of it, too!

My question…no, my challenge…to you is this. What
are you waiting for?
Don’t let self-doubt, nerves, anxiety, or anything
else stop you. So what if someone else comes out with a pattern? That shouldn’t
stop any of us from developing our own. Watch the trailer, then comment here if
you see a craft that you are dying to recreated. Then stick to your guns and do
just that! Once it’s done, send us a picture of it at
and I’ll add it to our
Harry Potter Crafts gallery lickity split, then e-mail you a
link to the image so that you can share it with everyone you know. Or, even
better than that, write up a tutorial for your craft and send it in. We’ll code
it, post it on Leaky Lounge and The Leaky Cauldron’s Harry Potter Crafts
section, send you links to your tutorials, AND give you 50 MyLeaky
points for sending it in! Now that, my crafting fiends, is a win-win situation
in my book.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all, and seeing the
wonderful things that come out of your imaginations!

Crafty Witch Jenn (a.k.a. SuperJenn)

6 Responses to What Are You Waiting For?

Avatar Imagehedwigrulz says: Why not make a model of Sirius' bike that Harry arrived in and left for the first and last time to the Dursley's?Avatar Imageiris lily says: i would send some stuff in but i sent some cards and bookmarks for submission over a month ago and haven't heard anything yet. quite disappointedAvatar ImageSuperJenn says: That sounds great, hedwigrulz! Why don't you give that a try? I'm very sorry that you're disappointed, iris_lily. I've sent you a PM to let you know the status of your submissions, which we received on August 29, 2010.Avatar Imageiris lily says: i found it! thanks jenn..... maybe i will submit my dobby christmas card......Avatar Imagehallowedhearts says: I am starting a ceramics project of The Burrow this week that's going to be an architectural container! Very excited. Hopefully it won't meet the same demise in the kiln as it did in the Half-Blood Prince movie....Avatar ImageSuperJenn says: That sounds awesome, hallowedhearts! I'd love to see pictures of it - in progress AND complete. If you'd like to talk about your project as you're working on it, and perhaps post step-by-step pictures of it as you work feel free to use the Your WIPs (Works in Progress) thread in the Harry Potter Crafts forum! You can find it at http://www.leakylounge.com/WIPS-work-Progress-t28163.html

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