Too early for Christmas crafts?

Oct 27, 2010

Posted by: John Admin

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Yesterday (which was Sunday), I spent the evening crafting, as I’m now trying to do every week. There was a bunch of things I wanted to make (stenciled onesises, a huge cross-stitch of a family picture, some sewing projects including a dress, curtains, etc.), but I settled on making Christmas ornaments similar to this one, only with color pictures of my family members on it. One of my projects for this year is to create some ornaments for a project I’ve called “My life in Christmas balls”. I’ll have pictures of all the people and events that have, at some point or other, left a positive mark in my life.

While I was working, I kept thinking how early it was to be making Christmas ornaments. After all, Halloween is next weekend, so wasn’t it the perfect time to be working on some Halloween costumes instead? Well, I didn’t feel like it yesterday, I felt up to making something quick and easy, so I settled on that project and by the time the evening was over, I had made 10 ornaments.

Turns out this morning, someone tweeted that as of today, Monday, October 25, 2010, there are merely two little months left before Christmas! Ssssoooo, even though Halloween isn’t even behind us, I’m feeling OK with the crafty evening I had with myself yesterday!

Did you craft something this weekend?

Harry crafting everyone!

Crafty Witch Josée

P.S.: If you’d like to make Christmas ornaments like these, just follow the instructions in this tutorial. Just use laser-printer-safe transparency film sheet, print the pictures you like on it, cut them out in a circle ¼” smaller than the diameter of the ball you’re using, then skip to the part of the instructions explaining how to slip the transparency in the Christmas ball!

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