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Jan 13, 2011

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As you may have seen (and if you haven’t, well now you know!) this month’s craft-along is about Taking Crafty Resolutions¦ And Keeping Them! It should be fun to see what people have resolved to doing in 2011, and encourage them to keep those resolutions although the year! That is¦ it will be fun for me to help them do that¦ as for my own resolution, well¦

The odds are it won’t be fun to keep it. In fact, scratch “the odds”¦ it won’t and I know it! You see, my resolution is to go on “No Buy” when it comes to crafts supplies at the very least until June 1st. The only exceptions I allow myself are: 1) Baby crafts/baby shower presents (I have way too many friends pregnant to get away with not making diaper cakes!) 2) If I run out of some supplies 3) Crafts storage expenses. Oh! And I’ve put some stuff I no longer use up for sale and whatever amount I sell these for becomes a regular spending budget for the year. If you want to see what I have up for grabs, see here and here.

It’s been a week, and honestly, I’m already finding it VERY hard to keep that resolution. I received the new Sale-a-Bration Stampin’ Up catalogue and there are 5 in there I’d like to have. Normally, I wouldn’t think about it twice, I’d spend $395, receive 6 instead of 5 along with free hostess merchandise. Anyway, I’ve *also* received the new Mini Catalogue and there’s tons of stuff in there I want. But, I now have a New Year resolution, so right now my allowed SU budget is $51.13¦ And I need to spend $60 to get a free stamp. GRRRRRRRR!!!

I know it’s for my own good (and my bank account’s!), but wow will I be sweating bullets trying to keep this one! Nevertheless, I’ll keep it if it kills me, and I’ll focus instead on all the beautiful things I’ll create by just using the stuff in my stash, and by storing my stuff so it takes less place and allows me to see what I actually have!

What’s your crafty New Year Resolution?

Crafty Witch Josée (a.k.a. Josée~Madalia)

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