LeakyCon Day 3: Evanna Lynch Q&A, Dan Fogler on ‘Fantastic Beasts’, Starkid & More!

Sep 02, 2017

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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The final day of LeakyCon is almost upon us, but we’re not going down without some more amazing panels and performances! Day 2 was another day of celebrating the beauty, power and magic of the Harry Potter fandom, including panels with special guests, an amazing performance from Starkid and much more!

Leaky started the day with an exclusive interview with Evanna Lynch (which you’ll be able to read all about very soon, watch this space!)

Evanna’s been spreading the word about Lumos at the event (as one of their fantastic ambassadors):

We also interviewed Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Young Tom Riddle) on his latest projects, so be sure to catch up soon!

Panels throughout the day included Cursed Child discussions on reading vs viewing, a talk with Alfred Enoch, how people came to the Potter fandom, wands, fandom as a career, the macroeconomics of the wizarding world (and muggle world), Harry Potter translations, LGBTQ+ characters (or lack thereof), how Harry Potter helped shape identities, discussions of what exactly canon is, obscurials and much more!

Miraphora Mina (or MinaLima) then spoke about the beautiful props and designs her and Eduardo Lima helped to create – she told us that the detail they put into every one of their places helps actors engage with the set and get in the headspace of their characters (which Dan later reemphasises):

We also learned that MinaLima are working on more in their fairytale series (which consists of Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast currently)!

She shared her House(s) and patronus, as well as her favourite film/book:

The masterminds of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter, Pierre Bohanna (Head Prop Maker), Jim Cornish (Storyboarded) & MinaLima then joined PotterCast on the MainStage, along with Dan Fogler:

John Noe asked Mira what the map (plaguing PotterCast in Episode #267), and she explained with ease:

Dan spoke about the freedom to expand the universe and the film in his own way on set of Fantastic Beasts, sharing that both the photo of his grandma that he apologises to, and the silent look between the murtlap and Jacob in the scene with the murtlap bite were both his ideas:

Dan revealed that he’s a Hufflepuff, whilst Pierre said that although he’s officially been sorted into Gryffindor, he feels like more of a Slytherin. Jim’s a Gryffindor through and through!

Dan also spoke about his personal connection to Jacob’s story, through his family history (his grandfather was in the war and owned a bakery), and his career – he feels Jacob is a lot like Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who Dan says he’s portrayed multiple times:

Evanna followed on the Main Stage, and she spoke eloquently about the beauty of Luna’s character (and her similarity to Emily in My Name is Emily), and the talent J.K. Rowling has for crafting not just stories, but the characters within them:

She also spoke about her leading role in Disco Pigs, which Evanna has said she found challenging but hugely rewarding:

Her activism was also a topic of conversation (as we know, she was repping a Lumos tee with Dan Fogler). She said of her activism: ‘Activism is how I give back, I’ve been given a platform and it’s how I try to address the issues I see in the world’ – more on this in Leaky’s exclusive interview with Evanna at LeakyCon!

She also shared her love of Harry in Order of the Phoenix, and the manner in which his anger and frustration manifests, saying that this was her favourite book and she found herself being disappointed at the scene in Dumbledore’s office, saying Harry ‘didn’t get angry enough’, and ‘didn’t throw enough stuff!’:

Dan Fogler’s panel had the audience in stitches as he spoke about everything from his early career to his thoughts on Jacob and Queenie’s relationship:

A tiny Newt managed to invade the stage, and Dan was cracking jokes left, right and centre, getting up to welcome ‘Newt’. Josh Wittge (leading the panel)


He also spoke about co-star Alison Sudol, commenting on her general likeliness to Queenie:

Dan asserted his shock at being in the series, and how surreal the experience has been so far. He’s thoroughly enjoyed the process, and continually compliments the humor in Fantastic Beasts, speaking enthusiastically on the use of silent comedy in various scenes (such as the murtlap attack):

After this, Starkid almost brought the hotel down with their performance, which had the entire audience up at the stage singing and dancing along with them like a shot:



The Esther Earl Ball is tonight, and we’re sure a lot of love will continue to be shared! Sadly it’s the final day of LeakyCon tomorrow, and it’s Fan Expo Day, which means not only will guests see the incredible closing ceremony, but also various Q&As with special guests and opportunities for autographs and photographs. Find out more over at the LeakyCon website here!

We’ll be bringing full coverage of interviews and Q&As in upcoming LeakyCon retrospectives, so keep posted! Also subscribe to the LeakyCon YouTube channel for updates on the LeakyCon story, and coverage of panels and performances here.

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