News from LEGO Including the Hogwarts Castle Designer Video, a Wand Build Event and the Wizarding World Mini-Site Goes Live!

Aug 12, 2018

Posted by: Kim McChesney

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 LEGO just keeps conjuring the magic for Wizarding World fans this year. The toy brick company has released a new collection of Harry Potter sets to coincide with the US 20th Anniversary of the series, as well as new Fantastic Beasts boxes and mini-figures leading up to the premiere of Crimes of GrindelwaldAnd Leaky reported on a dedicated Wizarding World mini-site in the works to find all these spellbinding new sets in one place.

Now LEGO’s Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts home, which read, “Coming Soon” since last spring, is live and ready to go; Accio LEGO!  All of the products we’ve covered this year including the Aragog’s Lair, the Quidditch Pitch, and the Ford Anglia in the Whomping Willow, as well as Newt’s Case and Grindelwald’s Escape, which we saw day the first Crimes of Grindelwald trailer was released, are available to purchase online. There is also an “Activities” page where fans can download wallpapers of the Wizarding World sets.


Most recently LEGO revealed a 6000+ piece Hogwarts Castle that had the fandom planning their trip to Gringotts as soon as the set was unveiled. After grabbing your Spectraspecs for this video, courtesy of The Brick Fan, from the two designers at LEGO who are definitely Potterheads themselves, you might be saving your galleons too! Senior Designer Justin Ramsden begins the story of how the second largest LEGO set in history was conceived, and does it with just enough excitement in his voice that you can guess he’s at least read every book and seen every movie, if not been sorted on Pottermore. In fact, he explains that his research for the Grawp-sized set entailed scouring each book and movie, as well as paying visits to the theme park and studio tour–now that’s our kind of research! He describes what he had in mind when creating this replica of the iconic castle alongside graphic designer Crystal Fontan,

“I’ve designed the set in the way that the builder goes on the same journey that Harry took when he first entered Hogwarts[…]I just want people to experience that magic of going to Hogwarts for the first time of returning back to this magical universe.”

Even if you’ve never had an interest in building with bricks their passion for Potter may persuade you!

Leaky recently covered LEGO events at Target and Barnes and Noble where we had the chance to build our own mini Hogwarts Express:

The Watford LEGO store in the UK is holding a wand building event from August 13-September 2 every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 2-4pm until supplies last.Other LEGO stores may be adding the event in the future.


The Brick Fan also reported recently on a fan who created this amazingly magical LEGO chocolate frog card using one of the new Dumbledore mini-figs. Instructions on how to build this little gem can be found here.


Image from Daan de Ruijter

Send us a photo of your new wand if you manage to attend event and definitely keep us posted on your Hogwarts Castle build! It’s available for LEGO VIP members on August 15 and to the rest of the Muggle population September 1.

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