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Dobby, by Cheryl Skvarcek
Harry & Draco Dolls, by aliciajoy
Snape Dammit Doll, by Tanya

Fantastic Beasts

Pygmy Puff, by Winterborn

Muggle Devices

Basic Potholder, by Pixie
House Guitar Straps, by Rosemary Waits (a.k.a. Quietish)
Monster Book of Monsters Book Jacket, by Jenn Bragg (a.k.a. As_Weasley_as_I_wannabe)
Owl Egg Cozy, by Amy
Pot Holder, by Aly
Slytherin Ornament, by Natalia  NEW!!

Muggle Wear

Apron, by Aly 
Durmstrang Shirt, by hardhat_cat
Half-hour Harry Hat, by Robyntheslug
Headband, by Aly
Hogwarts Robe-like Shirt, by Catyblue
Honeydukes Reconstructed T-Shirt, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Sirius-ly Reconstructed T-Shirt, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Pillows & Pillowcases

Harry Potter Patchwork Pillow, by Cheryl Skvarcek
Hogwarts Teachers Pillow, by Leanna Pierre

Purses, Pouches & Bags

D.A. Camo Tote Bag, by DrunkKitty
Harry Potter Patchwork Tote, by Cheryl Skvarcek
Hogwarts School Bag, by Mary Jo Chrabasz
House Color Messenger Bag, by Nasreen
Snitch Card Wallet, by Backstgartist

Wizard Wear


Quidditch Pads, by Jennifer

Staff Robes

Madam Hooch
Madam Hooch Costume, be Jennifer
Quidditch Pads, by Jennifer
Robes, by Jennifer
Vest, by Jennifer

Student Uniforms

Simple Canon Robes, by Derek Whitten

Prisoner of Azkaban Skirt, by Starfire Phoenix (Alison)

Triwizard Tournament

Third Task Shirt, by Joanna
Third Task Shirt (v2), by hardhat_cat

Wizarding Devices

Simple Wand Holder, by Helene of Troy