LeakyCon Finale: Cast Q&As, Live PotterCast, Cosplay & More

Sep 03, 2017

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Sadly today marked the end of LeakyCon 2017 in Dublin, with a fantastic Fan Expo Day that saw guests attend autograph and Photo Booth sessions with special guests, as well as Q&As and a regular schedule of Potter-related programming. PotterCast also recorded an episode live on stage, answering questions from guests. Evanna also gave more information on the vegan podcast she spoke about in an interview we did with her a while back! We also share some amazing cosplays from the weekend.

Evanna kicked off the final day of LeakyCon, answering questions from fans:

She also spoke more about the vegan podcast we discussed with her in February -it now has a name – the Chickpeeps! (Chickpeaps?) – which she’ll be running alongside Tyler Starr of The Fantastic Beasts Foundation, and 2 other people. We’re excited to know more!

She also decided she’d run a Kneazle café in Diagon Alley, given the chance:

Jim Cornish hit the MainStage with Frankie (Frak) of PotterCast, to talk storyboarding on Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. He shared invaluable advice and information for members of the audience who were interested in storyboarding and animation. He also discussed the scale of the movies, sharing that the art department was actually an old Rolls-Royce drafting office!

He also discussed the challenges, highs and lows of his career and his time on Potter:

He also spoke about how amazing it’s been to work on Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Star Wars – huge franchises!

Following this, PotterCast recorded their latest episode live on stage, discussing being in Ireland, their hopes and ideas for future conventions, nostalgic Potter memories and more with each other and fans in the audience.

The Closing Ceremony concluded this year’s LeakyCon story, with the kids of 19 Years Later reuniting – you’ll be able to catch the final parts of the story soon on LeakyCon’s YouTube channel, so keep posted!



We also managed to catch Louis Cordice (Blaise Zabini) and Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) on the MarketPlace stage for their Q&A sessions – Katie Leung, Charlotte Skeoch and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin also answered questions from fans on stage, meaning Fan Expo Day was filled with updates on the cast’s latest projects, nostalgia and their thoughts on the fan community.

The levels of talent in the costumes and cosplays at LeakyCon this year were phenomenal, and adorable – just look at this Hedwig!


The detail that went into creating these Founders was shocking – from Rowena Ravenclaw’s gowns to the runes on Godric Gryffindor’s sword – absolute perfection!

IMG_6917-1 IMG_6498

We also loved this extraordinary Demiguise puppet:


Rita Skeeter was also perusing the grounds of the CityWest this weekend:


This Mad-Eye cosplay was amazing – the eye even moved!


We had an amazing time at LeakyCon, and we hope you did too! From Harry Potter to Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts, our community and the world its built on have no bounds – we’ve loved sharing this weekend with you and hope to see you at the next LeakyCon! Stay tuned for full details of panels and Q&As with special guests in upcoming exclusive coverage both here, on the LeakyCon YouTube channel, and in future PotterCast episodes!


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