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Video: “Behind the Walls” by Lumos


Nov 09, 2014

Posted by Mel

J. K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos, has posted a new video entitled “Behind the Walls,” which discusses the institutionalization of eight million children in Central and Eastern Europe following the fall of the Berlin Wall, and underscores how many children in orphanages aren’t orphans. You can watch the video here, and find out more about Lumos …read more!

Happy Halloween! New Umbridge Story from J.K. Rowling


Oct 31, 2014

Posted by Catherine

As a Halloween treat, J.K. Rowling has released her new story detailing Dolores Umbridge’s personal history. The story can be found in the “Dolores Umbridge” chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. J.K. Rowling gives light to the parents Umbridge is so ashamed of, and tells of her back-stabbing climb up the ranks …read more!

Daniel Radcliffe Answers Fan Questions on Reddit


Oct 28, 2014

Posted by Mel

Dan Radcliffe participated in an AMA today on Reddit and answered fan questions about filming the Harry Potter series and more. You can see the questions and answers here, but please be advised that there is strong language throughout.

J.K. Rowling releasing new Umbridge short story


Oct 24, 2014

Posted by Catherine

Pottermore has announced that J.K. Rowling intends to give us a treat, instead of a trick, this Halloween. Our favorite author has penned new material to add to Professor Umbridge’s character profile on Pottermore. The new addition will be a 1,700 word back story of the infamous Dolorous Umbridge. The update post on Pottermore reads: …read more!

J.K. Rowling dispels rumors on Twitter


Oct 23, 2014

Posted by Catherine

J.K. Rowling took a writing break today to make a short visit to Twitter, her first since unleashing a riddle upon her followers. She tweeted this morning to dispel any rumors of her partying it up in a London bar, as she celebrated handing in a “romance novel” to her publishers. J.K. Rowling denied being …read more!

WB Confirms David Yates to Direct “Fantastic Beasts,” Will Be a Trilogy


Oct 17, 2014

Posted by Mel

Yesterday, Warner Bros. confirmed that the first “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” film will be directed by David Yates, who directed the final four Harry Potter films. Producers David Heyman and Lionel Wigram, and screenwriter Steve Kloves will also be back for “Fantastic Beasts.” As reported previously the films will be a trilogy, …read more!


mudbloods_laurels_v1 (1)

Oct 14, 2014

Posted by Brad Ausrotas

We reviewed MUDBLOODS, a documentary about the UCLA Bruins Quidditch team and their dream of competing in the 2011 Quidditch World Cup in NYC. It was a pretty great film. Today, MUDBLOODS is officially available to the world, with a digital release available at mudbloodsmovie.com. We recently had the chance to do a Q&A with the director …read more!

First Look at Dark Arts Expansion at WB Studio Tour

Studio Tour

Oct 13, 2014

Posted by Mel

Readers may recall that the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London will be receiving its first permanent addition since it opened in 2012. This addition will focus on the Dark Arts and includes an expansion of Malfoy Manor, a model of Nagini, props from Borgin and Burkes, and a model of Umbridge’s office along with …read more!

PotterCast 255: Equality FTW!


Oct 08, 2014

Posted by Melissa Anelli

New PotterCast! It’s not about those dang tweets of JKRowling’s – that’s coming soon. While we wait to tear apart that bit of juicy Fantastic Beasts news, we have a very special episode about an organization we haven’t discussed in detail in seven years here on PotterCast. Seven years! Insane. The HPA has been flourishing …read more!


mudbloods_laurels_v1 (1)

Oct 07, 2014

Posted by Brad Ausrotas

I have played Quidditch. Yes indeed. At LeakyCon 2014, I put a broom between my legs and played Chaser in the LeakyCon vs. Harry Potter Alliance Quidditch match. I understood the concept of Quidditch before that point. I had a vague idea of the rules. But until I played in that grueling 20 minute match, …read more!

Avatar ImageCatherine says: I play "professional" Quidditch at IU. It is a club sport, and I have been a beater for 2 years. It is true that we talk about Harry Potter much much less than what would be expected of a group of fans hanging out together. A lot of Quidditch is about the sport itself. That isn't saying that some of us don't want the Harry Potter part--most of us do, we love talking about the books and movies when they do come up in conversation...it's just much less often than normal for a group of Harry Potter lovers. We have also been following up on "Mudbloods" for some time now, and I think it looks like a good documentary! :)Add your own comment! »

J.K. Rowling’s teasing Tweets (UPDATE: Fan Solves Riddle)


Oct 07, 2014

Posted by Catherine

Our favorite author, J.K. Rowling, made another visit to twitter–her first since the finale of the Scottish Referendum. Her first tweet was to let us, her fan base, know that she was busy working on many projects, including a novel and a screenplay. It is safe to assume that the screen play is her first …read more!

Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: That was a pretty cool/fun event, I hope she does more like that in the future. :DAdd your own comment! »

Alfred Enoch in “How to Get Away with Murder”


Oct 06, 2014

Posted by Catherine

Harry Potter’s Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) has begun a new chapter in his career–as law student, Wes Gibbins, in ABC’s new original series How to Get Away with Murder. Enoch plays one of the lead roles as a (more humble) student in a very competitive law school class. He and a few other highly ambitious …read more!

Avatar ImageKaren Session says: Good for you Alfred. Best of Luck!!!!!Add your own comment! »

Ravenclaw Wins Pottermore House Cup for the Second Time in a Row


Sep 29, 2014

Posted by Mel

Ravenclaw has won the latest Pottermore House Cup and set a record in the process: they are the first House to ever win the Cup twice in a row. Congratulations Ravenclaws! It was a close competition, and all four houses deserve recognition for their excellent efforts! Hufflepuff took the lead for much of the championship, …read more!

Avatar ImagePatronus 27 says: Well done Ravenclaw! Did you check the prize? It's quite cool, with the artwork that contains the usernames of the first 5000 students that gained more points for Ravenclaw in the last House Cup. http://insider.pottermore.com/2014/09/ravenclaws-prize-as-winners-of-sixth.htmlAdd your own comment! »

Emma Watson on Gender Equality (UPDATE: Video of Speech)


Sep 21, 2014

Posted by Catherine

As a United Nations Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson has been hard at work promoting support for women around the world. Recently, Ms. Watson stood along side UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, to launch the UN’s “HeForShe” Campaign, at UN Headquarters in New York. The HeForShe Campaign calls for boys and men world wide to participate …read more!

Avatar Imagemoglet says: A wonderful speech with a well deserved standing ovation.2 more comments »

Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger!


Sep 20, 2014

Posted by Mel

September 19th marks the birthday of Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age. Please join us in wishing Hermione a very happy birthday and in hoping she gets many new books as gifts!

J.K. Rowling Donates to Local Town Hall


Sep 18, 2014

Posted by Catherine

J.K. Rowling has given a generous donation to a Perthshire community project, turning Aberfeldy Town Hall into a music and drama center. One of Ms. Rowling’s official representatives confirmed that our favorite author has donated a generous amount to the project, but is inclined to keep the specific amount confidential. The project is said to …read more!

WB Studio Tour Gets Dark Arts Addition

Studio Tour

Sep 10, 2014

Posted by Brad Ausrotas

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London has long been a mecca for Potter fans, and now it’s about to get… a bit more sinister. The Tour has announced that they will be adding in a whole new feature to the tour dedicated to the Dark Arts, the first addition to the tour since it’s …read more!

Avatar ImagePollyC says: This is great news! I had already booked my tickets for the Studios before reading about this new Dark Arts addition. Fabulous!2 more comments »

PotterCast 254: Live from LeakyCon 2014!


Sep 09, 2014

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It’s a PotterCast! This time we were LIVE from LeakyCon 2014, and we have a special co-host in Mark Oshiro! Join John, Frankie, and Melissa to discuss the new Wizarding World, all the fun of LeakyCon 2014, and more. Also: we are making a real effort to get PotterCast back to its regular posting schedule …read more!

J. K. Rowling Hints Patronus Test Might Come to Pottermore


Sep 08, 2014

Posted by Mel

Today on Twitter, a fan tweeted J. K. Rowling, wondering about an official Patronus test and Rowling hinted that it might be coming soon:   @AlwaysUchiwa Keep watching Pottermore… — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) September 7, 2014 Keep close to Leaky for all Pottermore updates!

Avatar ImageGrindylow_101 says: Yahay! I really hope this happens, I've always wanted something like this! *secretly hopes for a Phoenix patronous*4 more comments »

Happy Birthday, John!

john noe

Sep 07, 2014

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It’s John Noe’s birthday! If you don’t know who John Noe is, you should: he’s been the main designing force behind Leaky for a decade, and has remade the site several times since its inception. He is one of the three hosts of PotterCast, and most recently stepped in as Leaky Cauldron Savior, fixing our site …read more!

Avatar Imagegexpert says: Happy late birthday John! We miss you! Thank you for fixing the website too! I love the new layout!7 more comments »

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