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EXCLUSIVE peek at “The Broom Collection” forthcoming from Insight Editions

Aug 11, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

Books, Exclusives, Movies

If you have seen Harry Potter: The Wand Collection from Insight Editions, you know that the book is both insightful and gorgeous, with its wide horizontal layout designed to accommodate photos of wands, its sophisticated black pages, and the quotes and behind-the-scenes tidbits that provide backstory to each character’s wand design and spell technique. Leaky …read more!

Harry Potter To Stream on Peacock

Aug 11, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

Films, News

Harry Potter will move from HBO Max to Peacock streaming platform later this year, according to a press release from NBCUniversal! WarnerMedia’s HBO Max will lose the Harry Potter series this month on August 25, and the films will move over to NBCUniversal’s Peacock at an unannounced date later in 2020. Vulture writes on the …read more!

House of MinaLima Is Moving!

Aug 02, 2020

Posted by: Victoria Tomis

Art, MinaLima, Movie Art, News

London’s historic Soho district is about to get a whole lot geekier! September 1, 2020, the very same day the scarlet steam engine The Hogwarts Express embarks from Platform 9 ¾ on its long journey to Hogwarts Castle, the House of MinaLima will be setting up shop in its brand new location.  With a swish …read more!

Happee Birthdae Harry: 31 Gifts To Celebrate The Boy Who Lived

Jul 31, 2020

Posted by: Victoria Tomis

Character Birthdays, Fandom, Fans, News, Products, Toys

“These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has perhaps faced no greater threat than it does today.” When former Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour uttered these words in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, none of us could imagine how true they would ring in 2020. But with that darkness, …read more!

Harry Fans Unite for Birthday Fundraiser

Jul 31, 2020

Posted by: Melissa Anelli

Fan Sites, Fans, News

It’s July 31, which means it’s Harry’s birthday, and this year is an important one! Earlier this summer we released a statement clarifying our position on trans rights. As part of our commitment to create positive change from within our fandom, today we are proud to stand with members all over the Harry Potter fan community to raise money …read more!

“Harry Potter Film Vault” series review and giveaway

Jul 30, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

Book Reviews, Books, Contests, Fun - Contests

The lushly illustrated Harry Potter Film Vault series from Insight Editions is now complete with the imminent release of Volume 12 on 4 August. Those who have been collecting each book in the set will have noticed by now that the gold decoration on the spines of the books forms the Hogwarts crest when the …read more!

The final chapter of “Philosopher’s Stone” is narrated by…

Jul 17, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

News, Wizarding World Digital

us! Well, not you or me personally, but Wizarding World invited us fans—families that love the Harry Potter series—to read the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the Harry Potter at Home project. We started the #HarryPotterAtHome readings as a way for families to experience the first book in a new …read more!

Go through the trapdoor with Gilderoy Lockhart

Jul 13, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

News, Wizarding World Digital

Granted, Lockhart might not be your first choice of companion on the dangerous mission of saving the Philosopher’s Stone from Voldemort and Snape/Quirrell, but that’s no reason not to enjoy Kenneth Branagh reading Chapter 16, “Through the Trapdoor”, along with Ruth Wilson and a closeted (?!?) Death Eater cameo. Go ‘Through the Trapdoor’ with Chapter …read more!

Slyther on in and watch Chapter 15 read by Nagini hersssself

Jul 12, 2020

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

Harry Potter and the Philosophers / Sorcerers Stone, News, Wizarding World Digital

Claudia Kim and Dakota Fanning read Chapter 15, “The Forbidden Forest”, in the latest chapter narration from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Actors, both those associated with the franchise and some seemingly random choices, have been recording home videos of themselves reading chapters of the first book in the Harry Potter series for the …read more!

MinaLima Announce ‘Art of the Block’ Contest, Plus House of MinaLima Virtual Visits!

minalima Los Angeles art of the block contest

Jul 09, 2020

Posted by: Victoria Tomis

Art, MinaLima, News

MinaLima, the award-winning magical graphic designer duo who’ve conjured up iconic art for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film franchises, have ventured into the Muggle world with their latest fan contest: The Art of The Block. The contest, by partner studio MinaLima Los Angeles, invites contestants of all ages and magical abilities to use …read more!

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